How many classes do you usually have a day? - Our classes start at 8.30 except Saturdays and Sundays. We usually have five or six lessons every day but sometimes we have to stay at school much longer for after-class activities., What sport facilities do you have in your school? - Our school is very up-to-date. On the ground and on the first floors there are two gyms. We also have two swimming pools in our school., What clubs and societies can you attend in your school? - There are a lot of hobby groups or circles in our school: chorus, dramatic society, literary society, art school and many others. We can attend our sports centre as well., What school events, like concerts and performances do you usually have during the year? - We have a lot of concerts and performances during a year, almost every month. Sometimes we put a play on the stage in English in our Drama Club. It helps us to study the language better., Do you enjoy taking part in these school events? Why? - Yes, I do. Best of all I like to be a playwright of our concert parties. My friends often ask me to write a plot with jokes and tricks, What event would you recommend organizing in your school and Why? - I would recommend our teachers to organise a photo exhibition of our pets, the animals that live with us at home. It will help children to understand how to be kinder and more generous.,

(8) School clubs and societies. AS OGE




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