Phoebe: It worked. We ____ from Pompeii. Just in time too!Patrick: So it's definitely a ____ that sends us through time. Phoebe: We're Time Travellers. Wow, that's ____. Alex: I don't feel so good. I'm a bit dizzy. Where are we now? And are we in the present, the past or the ____? Patrick: Well, we're definitely in a jungle. I think we're in India. Alex: In India? How do you know? Patrick: Look at that ____ - there's a big cat next to it. I think it's a tiger. It's ____ at the big branch near the water. Alex: Yeah. I see it. But that isn't just a branch. It's also a snake. A big snake. Phoebe: That snake is an ____. And that isn't a tiger. It's a jaguar. Tigers have ____. Jaguars have ____ like this one. I think we're in South America, in the Amazon ____.Alex: Aren't you clever! So what's that animal hanging from the other branch? Phoebe: That's a sloth. Patrick: Are they ____? Phoebe: Don't be silly. They only eat leaves! Alex: And that bird with the colourful ____? What's that? Phoebe: It's a toucan. Alex: So how do you know about all these animals? Phoebe: I've got a ____ on the Amazon rainforest. Patrick: Hey, look at this beautiful frog on the ____. Phoebe: Don't touch that! It's ____. Patrick: Thanks. I didn't know that. Phoebe: OK. Let's get going. We have to find a way ____ of this place.




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