What is your favourite school subject? - My favourite school subject is English. I’m good at it and I always get good marks., When did you start learning English? - I started to learn English when I was in the 2nd grade. I was 8 years old (at that time)., What do you do at your English lessons? - We usually read the articles and stories and listen different English recordings, and then we discuss the information from these texts and dialogues. Also we sometimes write letters or essays., Do you find learning English easy or difficult? Why? - For me learning English isn't easy but I’m interested in this subject and always try to get some extra information on the Internet. , What other foreign languages would you like to learn? Why? - would like to learn Chinese or another Asian language. I think they'll definitely become very popular and frequent in the near future. , What would you recommend a person to do to improve his or her English language? - I would recommend to this person to see films in English with English subtitles. It helps to improve listening skills and vocabulary.,

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