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classify - to sort things into groups according to their characteristics, organism - living thing, producer - living thing that makes its own food, consumer - living thing that eats other living things to get energy, decomposer - breaks down the remains of dead organisms to feed on them, backbone - row of connected bones down the middle of the back, vertebrates - animals that have backbones, invertebrates - animals without backbones, fish - live in water, have gills, most lay eggs in water, amphibians - live part of life in water and part on land, reptiles - breathe with lungs, have scales or plates, most lay eggs on land, birds - have feathers, beak, two feet, two wings, mammals - have hair or fur, breathe with lungs, live birth drinks milk, reproduce - make more of its own kind, cold blooded - cannot regulate body temp. -body temp changes with surroundings,

Classifying Animals


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