5 words that have more than one meaning, Translate: Nie mogłam wczoraj zasnąć, przewracałam się z boku na bok., Name 3 expressions with take, Name 5 strong adjectives, What can we do to protect the environment?, 5 American words, Name 4 natural disasters, Talk about your favourite invention, Name 5 artists, What is your favourite form of art?Why?, Name some sports equipment, Name 5 extreme sports, What will you have done tomorrow by that time?, Translate: Wpadliśmy do Amsterdamu na 2 dni, when was the last time you felt proud?, Which country is Amsterdam capital of?, if you travel to and from work or school, you........, Translate: On zaprosił nas na obiad żeby zrekompensować niedogodności., Translate: Wizyta w Amsterdamie okazała się doskonałym pomysłem.

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