1) You can't work ... a break. You will be too tired. a) with b) without c) in d) of 2) Is Jane going ... college or university?  a) to b) in c) at 3) When are the classes ... on Friday?  a) of b) over c) in d) at 4) I'm going to pay for the chocolate ... dollars in the duty-free shop. a) with b) without c) in d) - 5) I'm not sure ... these facts.  a) at b) of c) about d) in 6) Something very unusual happened ... Mr Carter when he was driving through the park the other day.  a) to b) with 7) Can you talk ... Helen, please? She looks so sad. a) to b) with 8) John says he is tired ... your constant lies.  a) of b) with c) at d) on 9) ... what age do children begin schooling in the USA?  a) In b) At c) During d) On 10) I am fond ... this beautiful piece of music. a) in b) on c) of d) at 11) Who paid ... the dinner?  a) with b) in c) for d) to 12) What mark did Jack get ... science last Thursday? a) about b) for c) on d) in 13) Britney became a university student ... the age of seventeen.  a) at b) in 14) What was Lily's mark ... the last test?  a) in b) at c) on d) for 15) I'm not afraid ... mice. a) about b) to c) of 16) Are you sure ... the answer?  a) in b) of 17) I'm going to write ... my grandparents the evening.  a) with b) to c) - d) of 18) In this shop you can pay ... rubles, dollars and euros. a) with b) - c) in 19) I didn't see Mrs Loveday ... church yesterday. a) to b) at 20) We are tired ... these boring exercises. a) of b) - c) at 21) Listen ... me, please. a) - b) on c) to 22) I don't know what happened ... them.  a) with b) to

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