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Eminent Domain - Government power to force property transfer for public good., Civil Rights Act of 1964 - Law that ended segregation., 19th Amendment - Gave women the right to vote., Public Policy - Government's position on an issue., Declaration of Independence - Document that listed colonists problems with King of England., U.S Constitution - Document that organizes our government into 3 branches., Judicial Branch - Interprets the laws (courts), Executive Branch - Enforces the laws (president, mayor, govenor), Legistlative Branch - Writes the laws (congress- senate/house of representatives), Checks and Balances - Gives each branch power over the other to prevent abuses, Majority Rule - Making decisions based on the most popular choice., Minority - A group/idea that is not the largest/most popular., Due Process - The government must follow laws/procedures when dealing with citizens., Government Regulation - Laws the government passes that people must follow., Government Action - Spending money to try an solve a problem., Bill of Rights - The first 10 amendments to the Constitution.,


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