Are you ready to order?, Yes, please., Can I get you something to start with?, No, thank you. I'd like the tuna with a green salad., And for you sir?, I'll have the steak, please., Would you like that with fries or a baked potato?, Fries, please., How would you like your steak? Rare, medium, or well done?, Well done., OK. And to drink?, Water, please., Still or sparkling?, Sparkling., The tuna for you ma'am and the steak for you, sir. , I'm sorry but I asked for a green salad, not fries., No problem. I'll change it. , Excuse me., Yes, sir?, Sorry, I asked for my steak well done and this is rare., I'm really sorry. I'll take it back to the kitchen..

Restaurant problems - English File 3rd edition Pre-intermediate




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