1) Do we have to be here at ten o'clock? a) No, you don't have to be here at 10. The bus leaves at 11. b) Yes! Tomorrow. c) No, thanks. 2) Do we have to bring our bikes? a) Yes, please. b) No, we travel by bus. c) No, we don't have any roller-skates. 3) Do I have to bring a rucksack? a) No. You can put your camera in a pocket. b) No. You can bring a suitcase. c) Yes, of course. You need a rucksack for your things. 4) So, do we have to take extra T-shirts? a) No, thanks. b) That's right. c) I would like to have new T-shirts. 5) Do I have to wear my new shoes? a) No, wear trainers or boots, please. b) Good idea! c) Never! 6) So, do I have to bring a bottle of water? a) No, I don't drink water. b) I'd like some juice, please. c) Yes, that's what you need. 7) Thank you. See you on Friday. a) Let's catch a bus. b) I am going home. c) See you!




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