Scientists ____ the Earth is about 4.6 billion years. However, the mountains, ____, rivers, deserts and forests we see today are much ____ than that. For example, Mount Everest is about 60 million years ____ and the Amazon Rainforest is only 10 million years old. The youngest sea in the ____ is the Baltic Sea, about 15,000 years old.The ____ is always changing because of volcanoes, ____ and, of course, wind and rain. Some of these ____ are very slow and others are quick. Water and ice can make very big chages to the planet. For example, glaciers (rivers of ice) can cut through mountains and make ____ valleys. It's normal for our planet to ____. But at the moment ____ think it's changing faster than usual. They don't understand everything that is happening but they know that temperatures are ____. The weather is getting wetter in some places and ____ in others, and there are more big storms. However, these ____ are not bad for everyone. Because the Arctic is ____ warmer, some people in Greenland now own business that grow and sell vegetables. That wasn't possible 50 years ago. Farmers in Greenland like the warm ____ and hope it will continue.

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