1) I ... drama on Friday. a) do b) make c) play d) say 2) ... don't go to school on Sunday. a) She b) He c) They 3) We do ... on Thursday. a) gymnastics b) karate c) basketball 4) You ... ... school on Monday. a) go in b) go at c) go to 5) They ... gymnastics on Tuesday. a) do b) don't do c) doesn't do 6) ... don't fly a kite on Saturday. a) It b) He c) We 7) I cook dinner ... Wednesday. a) on b) in c) at 8) We ... poems at school. a) paint b) kick c) write 9) They ... a music lesson on Friday. a) have b) haven't c) don't have 10) We don't ... a bike on Sunday. a) dive b) ride c) rollerblade




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