You are at the airport flying to New York. You forgot your passport., You are driving to work and run out of gas in your car., You are in Kielce and you don't know the way to train station., You went out for mushroom into the forest and got lost., Your neighbours are having a very loud party., Battery in your phone is nearly dead and you don't have you charger., The food you ordered in the restaurant is cold., You broke the heel in your shoe., You have a red wine stain on your favourite shirt., You see a cat locked in the car on a hot day., Some old lady doesn't have enough money to pay for the shopping., You've lost your bag on a foreign trip., Your computer broke down when you were writing a very important report., You won 1 million dollars!, You forgot to pay the electricity bill and they cut it off..


Roue aléatoire est un modèle à composition non limitée. Il ne génère pas de points pour un classement.

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