1) They ... in the park. a) play b) plays 2) My mother ... books every day. a) don't read b) doesn't read 3) She ... every day. a) don't run b) doesn't runs c) doesn't run d) don't runs 4) I ... every day. a) swim b) swims 5) Monkey ... every day. a) jump b) jumps 6) Bob ... football every day. a) play b) plays 7) Ann ... bananas. a) like b) likes 8) He ...at the weekend. a) don't swim b) doesn't swim c) doesn't swims d) don't swims 9) You ....karate on Tuesday. a) do b) does 10) I ... go to school on Saturday. a) don't b) doesn't 11) The lions ...... peas or carrots a) don't like  b) doesn't like c) doesn't likes d) don't likes 12) She ...... the sandwiches a) doesn't like b) doesn't likes 13) She ...visit her grandma on Wednesday. a) don't b) doesn't 14) He ...to the cinema at the weekend. a) goes b) go




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