1) "Yes, I'll help you out!" a) He exclaimed to help me out. b) He agreed to help me out. c) He promised to help me out. 2) "Let's go on a picnic!" a) She offered to go on a picnic. b) She suggested to go on a picnic. c) She suggested going on a picnic. 3) "Please, please, lend me your bicycle" a) She begged me to lend her my bicycle. b) She begged to lend her my bicycle. c) She begged me lending her my bicycle. 4) "Don't touch the oven!" a) She warned not to touch the oven. b) She warned me not to touch the oven. c) She warned me to touch the oven. 5) "You stole the ring!" a) He accused me to steal the ring. b) He accused me of stoling the ring. c) He accused me of stealing the ring. 6) "You should visit a doctor". a) He advised me to visit a doctor. b) He advised to visit a doctor. c) He advised me visiting a doctor. 7) "You mustn't say bad words". a) He forbid me to say bad words. b) He forbade me to say bad words. c) He forbade me saying bad words. 8) "I'm the best English teacher in the world". a) She boasted of being the best English teacher...." b) She boasted to be the best English teacher...." c) She boasted to me to be the best English teacher...." 9) "Could you open the window, please?" a) He asked me to opening the window. b) He asked for opening the window. c) He asked me to open the window. 10) "Give me your money!" a) He demanded to be given the money. b) He demanded being given the money. c) He demanded to give the money.

Introductory verbs (reported speech)


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