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Mechanical - This can be any moving equipment or machinary, e.g. the propellor on a ski boat of the gears of a mountain bike, Physical - This incorporates slips, trips and falls, e.g. slipping in ice while mountain walking or falling from a harbour wall while mooting a boat, Chemical - This is most likely to be fuel, cleaning products or maintenance equipment, e.g. the fuel from a motor boat , Environmental - This is from either eeather or terrain, e.g. lightneing while windsurfing or a blizzard while skiing, Biological - This could be any bacteria or microorganisms that may cause infection, e.g. polluted water while kayaking , Organisational - This could be things such as poor planning, rushing to complete a job or participating in an activity without relevant training or experience ,

Outdoor and Adventurous Activity - Safety Considerations



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