1) I ______________ to London tomorrow afternoon. a) am flying b) am going to fly c) are flying d) are going to fly 2) He _______________ fall. Look! a) are going to fall b) is going to fall c) is falling d) am falling 3) I _____________ you with housework. Don't worry! a) am helping b) am going to help c) am going help d) am going to helping 4) I ___________________ "Friends" tomorrow at 7 p.m. a) are watching b) am going to watch c) am watching d) are going to watch 5) It ______________________ .The sky is grey. a) is snowing b) is going to snowing c) is snowwing d) is going to snow 6) Are you going to the club today? I ____________ there as I have a headache. a) am not going to go b) am going c) am no going d) am not going 7) We ________________ TV when we arrive home. I've just bought some DVD's a) be watching b) are going to watch c) are going to go d) be going to 8) My friend and I __________________ dinner on Tuesday. a) be haveing b) am having c) are going to have d) are having 9) We use _____________ for a plan or intention for the future. a) to be going to b) Present Continuous c) Future Continuous 10) We use ______________ for future arrangements. a) Present Continuous b) to be going to c) Future Continuous 11) We use ______________ for predictions based on evidence. a) Future Simple b) to be going to c) Future Continuous




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