* sure/certain - to ensure that it happens, * the housework - to busy yourself with household chores, * the laundry - to wash dirty clothes, * your best - to perform as well as you can, * up your mind - to finally come to a decision, * business with smn - to be involved in business with smn, * fun of smn - to make jokes at smn's expense, * arrangements - to organise, plan, prepare, * a reservation/ appointment - to book smth or arrange a meeting, * a complaint/ suggestion/ promise - to express dissatisfaction, come up with an idea, * a choice/decision - to select a course of action, * an attempt/effort - to try, possibly hard, * harm/damage to smth - to inflict harm on smth, * a difference - to have a significant, often positive, effect, * time for smth - to find time to do smth, * progress - to advance, * an exam - to take a test, * a course - to study a particular subject/skill, * well/ badly - to have good/bad results, * a good impression on smn - to make smn think well of you, * an experiment - to engage in testing a principle or supposition, * research - to investigate in order to reach new conclusions, * a discovery - to find out smth previously unknown, * a trip/ journey/ your way somewhere - to travel, It will * you good. - It will be beneficial to you.,

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