1) There are one thousand five hundred and twenty-eight pages in Longman ... of the English language. a) Dictionary b) Vocabulary 2) The policeman took my license and 2 min later he handed it ... to me. a) over b) back 3) Our physics teacher gave us test papers and asked us to hand them ... on Wednesday.  a) in b) out 4) Could you hand ... these gifts to the children after dinner?  a) in b) out 5) Mrs Thompson looked through my notes and handed them ... to me.  a) out b) back 6) "Rebecca, Mr Brian needs a Russian-English dictionary. Can you hand it ...?"  a) out b) over 7) Wherever we go, Paul ... us.  a) borrow b) follow 8) The pupil was not sure ... the word spelling.  a) of b) from 9) They have never been ... Japan.  a) in b) to 10) My little cousin already has the ... of 50—60 words.  a) dictionary b) vocabulary 11) The details of the future project are not clear. Would you like to talk them ... now? a) in b) over 12) Where did you get this jewllery? - I ... it from the Queen. a) followed b) borrowed 13) Can you, please, hand my coat ...? It is too far from me. a) back b) over 14) My little cousin can hardly ... the sound [g].  a) spell b) pronounce 15) Languages like people are born, change, ... and can die. a) grow b) develop 16) If you read a lot, your ... becomes larger.  a) dictionary b) vocabulary 17) Do you prefer a strong cup of tea ... a cup of coffee for breakfast? a) to b) or c) - 18) I had to borrow several rubles to pay ... the dictionary. a) with b) for c) - 19) I hope English will be ... to me. a) useful b) useless 20) To be in love is such ... fantastic feeling. a) a b) ...

Rainbow 7, Unit 2 Test


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