My dad ____ a new jacket last week. I usually ____ a cup of tea in the evening but last night I ____ a glass of milk. He doesn't usually ____ breakfast but yesterday he ____ a sandwich . My mum ____ a letter two days ago. My brother usually draws karate fighters but last Sunday he ____ our cat. I often ____ to the cinema on Saturday night but last month I ____ to a concert . I ____ my friend yesterday morning. He always ____ lunch at two o'clock but yesterday he ____ lunch at one o'clock. Marat ____ his bike yesterday. My mum ____ a yummy cake for my birthday. Marat ____ home at half past eight yesterday morning. Masha ____ a song at school three days ago. Sveta wanted to ____ a teacher but she ____ a doctor. Our English class usually ____ at 10 o'clock but yesterday it ____ at 9. I usullay ____ to Italy but last summer I ____ to Spain. My mum usually ____ me two sandwiches for lunch but yesterday she ____ me only one. I ____ ride a bike but two days ago I ____ ride a horse. My friend usually rides a motorbike to work but last week he ____ off his motorbike. She ____ the news about the accident last night. I usually can't ____ a ball but yesterday I ____ it.

Past Simple. Irregular verbs. Spotlight 4, Module 7.


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