I need to give .... chocolate. I eat too much of it, Slow down! I can't keep ..... with you, The weather was awful so we called ..... the picnic, We didn't invite him but he showed .... anyway, We are going to dress ..... for the New Year - I'm going to buy a nice dress, He is 40. It's time for him to settle ........, I used to love coffee but went ..... it a while ago, Don't forget to log ..... before you shut ...... your computer, Americans don't take ...... their shoes when they enter a house, He dyed his hair pink - now he really stands ....., I need to look ..... the dog when my daughter is busy, There are a lot of forms to fill ....., I called him on Whatsapp but the connection wasn't good, so we got cut ...., I have to do this work. We can't put it .... any longer., My children take ....... their father., We haven't seen our friends for a long time. It would be great to meet and catch ....., They were together for 10 years but split ..... recently, I can't work ..... what this word means here, I signed ..... for a course on naturopathy but haven't had time to start it yet, I think I'll check .... other options before making a decision.


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