1) I usually have a hot lunch at the school ____________because it usually has some very good food. a) library b) canteen c) tuck shop d) corridor 2) _________________is my favourite subject because I like learning about plants and animals. a) Geography b) Art c) Biology 3) We took a _____________to the island. I loved travelling by sea. a) ferry b) plane c) tram d) train 4) You ________________________(nie wolno biegać) in the corridor! a) mustn't run b) mustn't ran c) must run d) mustn't go 5) ___________________she eat breakfast every day? a) Is b) Do c) Does 6) Dobierz wyraz, który pasuje do tej kategorii: baker’s, greengrocer’s, butcher’s, a) helicopter b) toy shop c) waterfall d) maths 7) You can buy bread at the ___________________ a) toy shop b) butcher's c) baker's 8) I’m giving you _____________ a) drop litter b) so sorry c) my best d) a warning 9) My mum _________________dinner now. a) cooks b) is cooking c) are cooking d) cook 10) You must____________________(zmieniać buty) before you enter the classroom a) put your shoes b) change your shirts c) change your shoes 11) We’re going to the __________________________ (sekretariatu teraz). a) school now b) school office now c) school office 12) You _________________at school last week. a) wasn’t b) aren't c) weren’t d) don't 13) _________________________(Nie byliśmy) at the festival last year. a) We weren't b) We were c) They weren't d) weren't 14) We do experiments in the _______________ a) playground b) library c) corridor d) laboratory 15) _____________to the cinema every weekend? a) Do you go b) Are you going c) Does you go d) Do you going 16) (Powinienem porozmawiać) _____________________ to my geography teacher a) I should tell b) I should talk c) I should write 17) (Gdzie byłeś) ____________________in the morning? a) Where you were b) Where was you c) Where were you 18) You can buy books in the:.... a) clothes shop b) baker's c) bookshop d) department store 19) "I like this skirt! I want to buy it." Gdzie jest osoba, która to mówi? a) clothes shop b) butcher's c) greengrocer's d) bookshop


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