What did you eat for the new year? Was it delicious? - I ate [...] / I had some delicious [...], Where did you go? - I went to [...] / I stayed home, Did you buy presents for your family? - Yes, I did. I bought [...] , Did you get a lot of presents? - I got [...]/ I didn't get presents [...] because [...], Did you play any fun games? - Yes, I did. I played [...] / No, I didn't. , Where are you going with your family this week? - I am going to [...] / I am staying home with my family., Did you do any winter sports? - Yes, I did/No, I didn't because winter sports [...], Why do you like the new year's holiday? - I like it because [...] and [...], Did you write a present list for Dad Moroz? - Yes, I did/ No, I didn't. , Where would you like to go next winter holiday? - I'd like to go to [...] next winter because [...],


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