1) How many legs has a giraffe got? a) two b) yellow and brown c) four d) long 2) Where does a zebra live? a) four b) black and white c) a tail d) in Africa 3) What can a monkey do? a) a long tail b) fly a plane c) climb trees d) small ears 4) Where does a snail live? a) zero b) brown c) in a shell d) swim 5) What has a tortoise got? a) feathers b) a shell c) scales d) paws 6) What has a fish got? a) zero b) in the ocean c) fins ans scales d) many 7) Where does a pig live? a) a curly tail b) a pink nose c) in the city d) in the farm 8) How many wings has a snake got? a) zero b) one c) two d) three 9) Where does a bird fly? a) in the ocean b) in the air c) in the ground d) on the rock 10) What can a dog do? a) use its wings b) wag its tail c) wash the dishes d) clean the house 11) What does a mouse eat? a) cats b) cheese c) milk d) grass 12) Where do owls live? a) in the sofa b) in the house c) in the forest d) in the city 13) What does a hamster eat? a) popcorn b) grain c) cake d) fish 14) What can a dolphin do? a) walk b) eat pizza c) cycle d) swim fast 15) What has a panda got? a) wings b) scales c) fur d) tent




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