1) What's your favourite food? How often do you eat it? 2) What have you got in your school bag? 3) Name 5 things that you CAN do.  4) Name 3 things that your father CAN'T do.  5) How many rooms are there in your flat? What is there in your room?  6) What is your favourite toy? Is it in your bedroom? 7) What is your mom's favourite colour? 8) What is your father's name? How old is he? 9) Have you got a pet? What pet do you want to have? 10) Is your best friend from America? 11) What is your mom doing now? 12) Is there a hospital/a bank/a shop near your house? 13) What are wearing now? Do you love your clothes? 14) Has you mom got a hobby? Do you like it? 15) Would you like some chocolate ice-cream now? Can you make it? 16) What do you like doing in summer? And in winter?




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