1) Hello, Katy. How are you? a) I'm fine. b) I'm not feeling well. c) OK, thank you. 2) What's the matter? a) I've got a sore throat. b) I'm fine, thanks. c) I've also got a headache. 3) Have you got a temperature? a) No, it's not. b) Yes, I think so. c) My head hurts. 4) I think you've got a bad cold. a) I've got a cold. b) Is it something serious? c) That's great! 5) No, don't worry, but you must take some medicine. a) I don't like medicine. b) It's a painkiller. c) Can I go to school? 6) No, you must stay at home for two days. a) Thank you, doctor. b) I feel terrible. c) It's antibiotics.




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