1) You eat me in the evening. What am I? a) breakfast b) lunch c) dinner d) visit 2) You wear me. What am I? a) rice b) visit c) clothes d) clean 3) It is dirty. What can you do? a) visit b) call c) throw d) clean 4) I am a water balloon on a hot day. What should you do with me? a) throw b) supper c) visit d) call 5) We are your mother and father. We are your.... a) everyone b) kind of c) many d) parents 6) It is a beautiful day. You should go.... a) outside b) spoon c) flag d) pull 7) It is a nice day so we are having outside.  a) race b) picnic c) each d) many 8) I have a lot of books. I have .?.. books a) each b) few c) pull d) many 9) You don't know the answer? You can ... a) fall b) guess c) each d) spoon 10) I eat soup with a this. a) spoon b) fork c) knife d) flag 11) I keep your food cold. I am a a) cupboard b) dining room c) refrigerator d) roof 12) I am on the top of your house. I am the... a) glass b) wood c) straw d) roof 13) You do not find me in the bathroom. a) toilet b) sink c) shower d) stove 14) I am the house of the King and Queen. I am a ... a) forest b) castle c) thing d) rich 15) I draw beautiful pictures. I am an ... a) artist b) mirror c) mat d) glass 16) You sleep in me on a camping trip. I am a a) desert b) fire c) tent d) trip 17) Every now and then; not all the time... a) each b) trip c) quiet d) sometimes 18) There is no sound. It is very ... a) quiet b) loud c) umbrella d) guitar 19) What my brain does all the time. a) desert b) think c) fire d) cousin 20) It is hot, sunny, full of sand... a) jungle b) trip c) desert d) evening 21) Jake had the biggest fish. He was the winner of a ... a) sport b) competition c) river d) work 22) A small city is also called a a) town b) river c) pick up d) until 23) When you are given a gift you should say this... a) pick up b) thanks c) work d) please 24) After someone says thanks you should say... a) you're welcome b) please c) river d) thanks 25) I will be at school _________ 2 o'clock. a) desert b) until c) work d) sport 26) I take things that are not mine. I am a a) servant b) detective c) ship d) thief 27) I try to catch people that take things. I am a a) theif b) detective c) servant d) world 28) I will clean after you and do things for you, but I am not your parents. I am a a) theif b) detective c) catch d) servant 29) I travel on the water. I am a a) train b) plane c) ship d) travel 30) I travel on tracks. I am a a) train b) plane c) ship d) car 31) I am not on time. I am a) late b) before c) too d) wrong 32) It is not the correct answer. It is a) late b) wrong c) early d) too 33) I go over the river so you won't get wet. I am a a) before b) after c) world d) bridge

Hey, Unit 2: Part 1, 2, 3: Celebrate, My Home, Getting Out, Story

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