This notepad is pocket-sized and it comes with a pen., Fran was pleased with the gift of the velvetlike blanket., Jane will write her valentine notes in pink ink., Shane asked if he could distribute the snacks and drinks together., Lon can demonstrate how to write in Japanese!, Please do not drink the lemonade unless you shake it first., Because Robin is kind, Steve gave her a valentine in class., I like how you illustrate these books!, My dogs will recognize me once I get back from my trip., Put your name on your math lesson or it will be incomplete., We have five valentines to illustrate together., Jim will distribute the tickets to each kid in the class., Everyone will contribute to the class picnic by bringing in a snack., Once Mrs. Benson grades the tests, she will distribute them for the kids to take home., Once Brock finishes his tale, he will illustrate it with a black pen., I hope she demonstrates how we can work together to fix the lamp., Ben contributes many skills to the basketball club., James will demonstrate the complex math problem., The boss was not pleased that the work was still incomplete., We could not recognize the truck after the crash., Once Pete demonstrates how to drive the truck, I know that I can drive it, too., Jake's work was incomplete so he did not get a good grade., We looked at the satellite with a telescope., Did you contribute to the class fund?, Will you unsubscribe to that You Tube channel?.

Wilson 4.3 Sentence Fluency

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