PDL - nstructions that the print device can use to create an image on the page (for most printers, this means a raster describing the placement of dots on the paper)., Adobe PostScript - capable of creating accurate, device-independent output (this means that two different printer models will produce exactly the same output from the same print file)., HP’s Printer Control Language (PCL) - Page description and printer control language developed to implement printer driver functionality. Very fast; , XML - Many Windows print devices default to using this?, Wi-Fi Direct - Configure a software-implemented access point on the print device to facilitate connections to client devices., Infrastructure mode - Connect the print device to an access point to make it available to clients on the network via an IP address or FQDN. The printer's wireless adapter must support an 802.11 standard available on the access point., USB Print Device Connectivity - In most cases, the OS will detect the printer using Plug and Play and install the driver automatically. You can confirm that the printer is successfully installed and print a test page using the driver or OS utility.(usually a type B to type A on the client side). , Printer Connectivity Issue - the device cannot be located when trying to install it or because the OS reports an installed device as offline or unavailable; it has detected a network error, or because it has received corrupt print job data; , Print Feed Issues - the media (paper or labels) are not suitable for the printer or because a sheet is creased, folded, or not loaded properly in the tray. There could be a problem with a roller too; paper size and weight is compatible; , Grinding Noise Issues(Laser Jet) - indicates a problem with the toner cartridge, fuser, or other gears/rollers. Try to identify the specific source of the noise. Check all components to ensure they are seated correctly., print monitor - In Windows, the print monitor is a process that checks the print queue, Print Queue and Spooler - there are multiple prints pending but not printing. This might occur because the print device is offline or out of paper or ink/toner. It could also occur because of an error processing a particular print job., Garbled Print Issues - the print device emits many pages with a few characters on each or many blank pages. This typically occurs because of a fault in rendering the print job somewhere in the path between the application, printer driver, page description language, and print device.,

Printer Terms/issues

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