1) It is ____ to steal money. a) illegal b) obvious c) finally d) article 2) George broke his leg. He was ___ a car accident. a) useful b) involved in c) obviously d) uncontrolled 3) Don't ___ yourself to too much sun. It is not healthy. a) ban b) benefit c) expose d) useful 4) Another word for advantage is ___. a) disadvantage b) self-controll c) benefit d) article 5) Did you read the ___ in the newspaper? a) ban b) benefit c) diadvantage d) article 6) It took me three days but I ___ finished the work and sent it. a) finally b) restraint c) obvious d) uncontrolled 7) There are many ___ games on the Internet, not everything is bad. a) finally b) educational c) obvious d) dangers 8) It is ___ that he is lying. I can see it in his eyes. a) obvious b) self-control c) restraint d) finally 9) Don't jump at the food! show some ___. a) danger b) gun c) disagree d) restraint 10) What are the ___ and disadvantages of the Internet? a) article b) self-control c) advantages d) useful 11) Policemen use ___. a) illegal b) bans c) benefits d) guns 12) Your advice is very ___. a) useful b) ban c) article d) finally 13) Do you agree or ___ with me? a) benefit b) disagree c) disadvantage d) ban 14) I don't like to visit Mary. She has ___ dogs. a) self-control b) useful c) uncontrolled d) obvious 15) Don't cry and shout! Show some ___. a) uncontrolled b) benefil c) self-control d) disadvantage 16) What are the ___ of surfing the Internet? a) disagree b) dangers c) expose d) control 17) They ___ smoking in public places. a) gun b) ban c) finally d) benefit

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