What are you going to ____ to the wedding? We live in the same ____. You should ____ your supper before you start eating. I'm sorry I got here ____. The alarm clock didn't work. I want to ____ in my studies so I have a good job when I grow up. My mother ____ lovely cakes for Shabbat's meal. What is your ____ colour? A tomato is a kind of ____. Can you keep a ____? I like to ____ time with my family. I have a ____. Can you please help me solve it? It isn't nice to eat all the Bamba. Please ____ it with your friends. I had a little ____ with George. I think he'll behave himself from now on. We had a serious ____ about when schools should start in the morning. Metula is in the ____ of Israel. Eilat is in the ____ of Israel. Jordan is ____ to Israel. All the cities along the shore of Israel are in the ____. Please ____ the lights when you leave the room. All my clothes are in the ____.

Mofet, Yuval's Day, Vocabulary Review

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