Faded or faint prints - Replace toner carriage, Blank pages - Typically driver problem, but could be toner was installed with the package seal, or transfer roller is damaged, White stripes - Toner is poorly distributed, or transfer roller is dirty/damaged, Black stripes or whole page black - Primary charge roller is dirty or damaged. Or high bolt power supply to developer unit is malfunctioning- try printing with a known good cartridge, Speckling on output - could be lose toner. Clean the inside of the printer using appropriate vacuum, Vertical or horizontal lines - marks constantly on same place are often due to dirty feed rollers or a damaged photosensitive drum, Toner not fused to paper - output that smudges easily is an indication the fuser needs replacing., Double/echo image - photosensitive drum not cleaned properly. Or the drum is smaller than the sheet of paper. Try printing a series of images and see if the problem resolves itself. If not, replace the drub/toner cartridge, Incorrect chroma display - If print is wrong color, ensure toner cartridges are in the right location, and ensure there is enough toner in each cartridge. If the color is wrong and there is a shadow like effect, the transfer belt may be misaligned- try reseating them, Color missing - Try replacing the cartridge. If that doesn’t work, try cleaning the contacts between the printer and the cartridge,

Laser printer issues 1101

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