Processing - The digitized image is prepared to be transferred to the photosensitive drum., Charging - The imaging drum is charged by the charging corona wire to a uniform voltage of greater than -600 VDC. This voltage repulses all toner on the drum., Exposing - A laser beam is scanned across the drum, discharging all areas of exposure. This drains the charge off of the drum. All points exposed to the laser will now attract toner., Developing - Due to the difference in electrical potential, toner is attracted to the areas discharged by the laser and repulsed by the charged areas., Transferring - A transfer corona, carrying a positive charge and positioned permanently beneath the paper path, draws the negatively charged from the drum onto the paper., Fusing - A fusing roller placed beneath the paper is heated to above 400 degrees. This melts the toner powder into the final image., Cleaning - Any remaining static voltage on the paper is dissipated and the drum is exposed to an erase lamp which returns it to a neutral charge., Streaks on printout - This is most likely due to toner not being present in the cartridge. This is easily fixed (temporarily) by shaking the cartridge to evenly distribute the toner. Otherwise, the cartridge should be replaced., Faded prints - indicate a failing charging corona which also requires a cartridge replacement to fix., Ghosting of images - can also be fixed by replacing the cartridge., Sandy printouts - Lastly, a printout that is sandy, speckled, not fused, or gritty to the touch is indicative of a failed fuser. The fuser should be replaced in this case., Printing memory error - the image is too large (too much data) for the printer’s buffer. This is currently not as big of a problem as it was before but it still happens. In this case, reduce the size of the image, e.g. reduce the pixel requirement from 1200dpi to 600dpi. Reduce the load on the printer until this issue can be diagnosed., Print queue backed up - clear all the items from the queue., Printer access denied - errors on the local machine can all be traced to the permissions.,

Printer TS

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