There are ____ months in a year There are ____ days in September. There are ____ days in March January is the ____ month of the year. April is the ____ month of the year. ____ 7152940 please A pet can make you feel ____. You are first. I am ____. I need ____ information. Buy your pet a ____ and put a warm blanket in it ____ your pet every week! A ball is a ____. ____ your dog with dog shampoo. Pets sleep with a ____ at night. ____ the pencil on the desk. You can go to the park ____ your pet. My friends and I are the same ____ School ____ in September. Tom and Kate like ____ colors. Kate likes blue and Tom likes red We like to swim in the ____ Sunday is the ____ day of the week. Dan rides his ____ in the park. Can I ____ your pencil? Nick wants to buy a sandwich with his ____

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