Cave Art - Art that showed animals and hunters, Paleolithic Age - To survive, these people hunted animals and gathered fruits, seeds, and plants., Neolithic Age - This is the last period of time of the Stone Age, Bronze Age - This is a period of time in ancient human culture when people began to create and find bronze useful, Systematic Agriculture - Using annual farm practices, crops were grown on a regular basis., Domesticate - Animals that are useful to humans are under their care, Specialization - A specific job or duty that a human concentrates on., Tribes - How people lived in the Paleolithic Age, Fire - This discovery led to people being able to migrate out of Africa because they could stay warm. , Permanent Settlements  - People lived this way during Neolithic times. , Population - exploded during the Neolithic Age because of having enough food to feed more people. , Plow - Invention that helped farmers in the fields by preparing the soil. , Loom - invented to weave cloth for clothing ,

Printer #5 Paleolithic/Neolithic

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