1) Art that showed animals and hunters a) Paleolithic Age b) Cave Art c) Tribes d) Domesticate 2) To survive, these people hunted animals and gathered fruits, seeds, and plants. a) Cave Art b) Domesticate c) Paleolithic Age d) Fire 3) This is the last period of time of the Stone Age a) Neolithic Age b) Cave Art c) Specialization d) Population 4) This is a period of time in ancient human culture when people began to create and find bronze useful a) Bronze Age b) Permanent Settlements  c) Plow d) Fire 5) Using annual farm practices, crops were grown on a regular basis. a) Permanent Settlements  b) Loom c) Cave Art d) Systematic Agriculture 6) Animals that are useful to humans are under their care a) Tribes b) Domesticate c) Neolithic Age d) Loom 7) A specific job or duty that a human concentrates on. a) Specialization b) Permanent Settlements  c) Fire d) Systematic Agriculture 8) How people lived in the Paleolithic Age a) Plow b) Neolithic Age c) Loom d) Tribes 9) This discovery led to people being able to migrate out of Africa because they could stay warm.  a) Fire b) Neolithic Age c) Paleolithic Age d) Population 10) People lived this way during Neolithic times. a) Neolithic Age b) Permanent Settlements  c) Systematic Agriculture d) Tribes 11) exploded during the Neolithic Age because of having enough food to feed more people. a) Population b) Specialization c) Fire d) Domesticate 12) Invention that helped farmers in the fields by preparing the soil. a) Systematic Agriculture b) Plow c) Specialization d) Domesticate 13) invented to weave cloth for clothing a) Fire b) Loom c) Cave Art d) Systematic Agriculture

Printer #4 Airplane Paleolithic/Neolithic Which One ?

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