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Pope - Bishop of Rome, Reformation - Movement to change the Catholic Church, Protestant - From the word protesting, Annulment - To declare a marriage invalid, Indulgence - A pardon from sin by performing a good deed, Luther - German monk, Monasteries - Strong supporters of the Pope, Land - The Church owned much of this in England, Corruption - This resulted in the monasteries becoming unpopular, Cromwell - Given the job to solve the problem of the monasteries, Dissolve - To get rid of, Lead - Taken from the roofs, Paintings - Scratched or painted over, Ornaments - Melted for their gold or silver, Books - Burnt or sold, Stones - Taken to build houses, Statues - Smashed and pulled down, Nobles - Bought monastery land cheaply,

The dissolution of the Monasteries


Zajednica Pmacallister1 History Henry VIII

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