1) This is a jacket, ... a) isn't it? b) is it? c) does it? d) doesn't it? 2) The old man doesn't live in this house, ... a) is it? b) is he? c) does it? d) does he? 3) You can see a table in this picture, ... a) can't you? b) can you? c) don't you? d) do you? 4) They are not in school, ... a) are they? b) do they? c) don't they? d) aren't they? 5) He hasn't met Anita,... a) has he? b) hasn't he? c) did he? d) didn't he? 6) She was at the lesson,... a) was she? b) wasn't she? c) did she? d) didn't she? 7) You don't like fish,... a) don't you? b) do you? c) are you? d) aren't you? 8) You did your homework yesterday, ... a) don't you? b) do you? c) didn't you? d) did you? 9) You will clean the table, ... a) don't you? b) won't you? c) will you? d) do you? 10) Mum bought a new book for me last week. a) did she? b) does she? c) didn't she? d) doesn't she?





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