1) My father_______ a suit to work. a) wear b) wears c) is wearing d) wearing 2) We _______ TV now. a) watching b) wear c) wears d) are watching 3) The children_______ swimming lessons every week. a) have b) are having c) has d) are have 4) Look, Mary _______. a) sleeps b) sleep c) is sleep d) is sleeping 5) _______ now? a) Do they sunbathe b) Do they sunbathing c) Are they sunbathing d) Are they sunbathe 6) Jake _______ for the exam at the moment. a) studying b) studies c) studys d) is studying 7) Fran _______ her grandparents once a week. a) visits b) visit c) is visiting d) is visits 8) _______ on the phone now? a) Does she talk b) Is she talkking c) Is she talking d) Is she talk 9) They _______ on Sundays. a) don't work b) doesn't work c) aren't working d) not work 10) They _______ basketball every afternoon. a) are playing b) are play c) plays d) play





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