1. Alice: Where ____ John and Lisa live? Ben: In London. 2. David: ____ Peter a good football player? Kevin: Yes, but he ____ play very often. 3. Kim: Why ____ you crying? Maya: I ____ watching a really sad film. 4. Tim: Where ____ Brenda going? Marc: To the supermarket. 5. Dave: I ____ want to go out tonight. Kristen: Why, Is everything OK? 6. Ann: How much ____ this jacket cost? Bill: It is not very expensive. 7. Mia: ____ you doing anything this Sunday. Kelly: Yes, I ____ going shopping. 8. Liz: ____ you want to go skating in the moring? Jill: Of course! 9. Judith: When ____ she getting married? Hannah: In July. 10. Marcus: When does Mia celebrate her birthday? Nina: Next week. 11. Mark: Where ____ Tom and Luke now? Liz: I ____ know. 12. Bruce: ____ he like his new school? Henry: No, he ____.





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