item - Another word for ‘a thing’ you buy., changing room - The place where you try on clothes before buying them., take (it) back - If you’re not happy with something you’ve bought, you, credit card - Some people call it ‘plastic money’., receipt - The piece of paper which they give you in a shop after you pay for something., shop assistant - A person who works, for example, in a boutique., check out - It’s the place in a supermarket where you pay for the things you buy., trolley - It has four wheels and you push it in the supermarket., fit - The verb we use to say that something isn’t too big or too small for you., (shopping) basket/cart - When you buy something on a website, the thing you have bought goes into your..., postal - If you want something sent to your house, you need to give a… address., size - If a pair of jeans is too big or too small for you, they're not your..., suit - It’s a verb which we use when clothes look good on you., auction - eBay is an ... website,





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