bustling - full of very lively people, founded - started something by providing the necessary money, heritage - the traditions or features of life that have been passed on from generations, craft - a product made by skillful person by hand, tool - a piece of equipment used for specific task, impressive - which makes somebody feel great admiration for somebody, handmade - something created by using hands not machines, permanent - lasting forever, temporary - for a short period of time, exhibit - a work displayed in an art gallery or a museum, highlight - emphasise, aspect - a part of a character or a nature, current - used at the moment, architect - a person who designes buildings, install - to put, honour - to give a public praise for something a person has done, remove - to take out/away, rename - to give another name to, renovate - to repair something and get it back in good condition again, repave - to cover an area with bricks or concrete again so people could use it again,





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