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glum - moody and melancholic, Commence - set in motion; cause to start, twine - a lightweight cord, Luxurious - rich and superior in quality, provoke - call forth to appear or occur, urchin - a poor and often mischievious city child, conscience - a built in sense of what is right and wrong, vermin - an irritating or obnoxious person, crouch - to bend your knees and sit on your heels, privilege - a special advantage or benefit not enjoyed by all, grateful - feeling or showing thankfulness, pout - be in a huff and display one's displeasure, drowsy - half asleep, retrieve - get or find back; recover the use of, gait - the rate of moving, especially walking or running, lam - a rapid escape (criminals), kin - a person related to another or others, fidget - move restlessly, alias - a name that has been assumes temporarily, gory - accompanied by bloodshed, jolt - an abrupt spasmodic movement,


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