1) I don`t like ordering pizza from a pizzeria, I like baking pizza __________ . a) myself b) herself c) yourself 2) He fell down while running in the school yard and hurt __________ . a) myself b) himself c) yourself 3) It`s important to never leave young children alone as they may hurt ___________ . a) yourselves b) themselves c) itself 4) We all enjoyed _____________ so much on our trip to the Hawai. a) ourself b) ourselves c) themselves 5) She washed her clothes _________ .  a) himself b) myself c) herself 6) A monkey enjoyed __________ so much while hanging out with its friends. a) itself b) itselves c) himself 7) They live in that big house all by _________ . a) yourselves b) ourselves c) themselves 8) You should concentrate on your work __________. a) / b) yourself c) yourselves 9) My little brother dresses __________ everyday. a) herslef b) himself c) yourself 10) Oh, Jane, would you, please behave ___________! a) herself b) myself c) yourself





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