Everyone should learn to drive in winter., Travelling by car is much more stressful than useful., Camping is the best choice of spending the holidays., The number of visits abroad should be restricted., It's a great pleasure to participate in a package tour., We should ban all forms of tourism., Tourists are lost without the help of the locals., Being part of the World Heritage List does not hepl countries to preserve their unique sights., Sleeping in a tent is a thing parents can never discourage their children from., A hitch-hiker can't be choosy, they should get into the first car that stops without thinking twice., Always try the local food when on holiday. It is surely tastier than the food you brought with you from home., Holidays provide and excellent opportunity to catch illnesses and infections., Spontaneous holidays are more enjoyable than than well-organised and carefully planned journeys., It's worth going on active sightseeing tours and getting acquainted with foreign cultures rather than spending time on the beach sunbathing., Hotel managers have good reason to ignore minor thefts committed by tourists staying at their hotel., Hitch-hiking is the most carefree and pleasant way of travelling., Only those parents send their children to summer camps who want their children to return home with horrible experience., If manking wants to preserve unique sites of national heritage, tourists should not be allowed to visit them., Travelling by boat is not as romantic as lovers might think..




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