1) Who is Ken Noguchi? a) a Japanese student b) a mountain climber c) a reporter 2) How many times has he climbed Mount Everest? a) once b) three times c) five times 3) Why has he climed the mountain again and again? a) Because he likes climbing. b) Because he collects rubbish. c) Because he wants to break a record. 4) Has he climbed alone? a) No, he hasn't. b) Yes, he has. c) We haven't got any information about it. 5) What have they collected? a) b) c) 6) Who climbed this mountain first? a) Ken Noguchi b) Hillary c) Hillary and Tenzing 7) Why are there so much rubbish on the mountain? a) Because everybody left their rubbish hear. b) Because they collect and carry it back. c) Because it doesn't decompose in the cold air. 8) What can you see in this picture? a) sleeping tent b) modern climbing equipment c) games 9) What has Ken's team do with the rubbish? a) They've collected and sold the rubbish. b) They've collected rubbish and put it on display. c) They've recycled rubbish. 10) What must people do if they left the rubbish on the mountain? a) They must go back and collect it. b) They must work for charity. c) They must pay a big fine.




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