1) What is the Android? a) a computer game b) a text editor c) an operation system d) a spreadsheet 2) Which one is a text editor? a) Diablo III b) MS Word c) Windows 10 d) MS Excel 3) Which is NOT a programming language? a) Pascal b) C++ c) Java d) Android 4) Which is NOT an operation system? a) Windows 7 b) Android c) LINUX d) MS Access 5) Which one is a database manager? a) MS Word b) MS PowerPoint c) MS Excel d) MS Access 6) Which one is a presentation maker? a) Windows 95 b) MS Excel c) MS PowerPoint d) World of Warcraft 7) Which one is NOT an IT job? a) web designer b) software developer c) network administrator d) mechanic 8) What does "www" mean? a) World Wide Web b) What We Want c) Wordl Wildlife Fund d) White Word Wall





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