1) What contols the cursor? a) mouse b) RAM c) keyboard d) processor 2) What inputs data through key like a typewriter? a) mouse b) printer c) keyboard 3) What provides extremely fast access for sections of a program and its data? a) ROM b) RAM c) DVD-ROM drive d) cache 4) How many bits make a byte? a) 16 bits b) 24 bits c) 12 bits d) 8 bits 5) What is the meaning of CPU? a) Critical Processing Unit b) Central Printing Unit c) Central Processing Unit d) Crucial Processing Unit 6) The process starting or restarting a computer  is called: a) Start up point b) Booting c) Resetting d) Connecting 7) The other name for a Hard disk is: a) Hard Drive Disk b) Compact Disc c) Fixed Disk d) Floppy Disk 8) One component of the motherboard is: a) Computer Chip b) Processor c) Transistor d) Bios 9) Which of the items is an input device? a) Display Board b) Computer Monitor c) Overhead Projector d) Keyboard 10) The System unit is referred to as the: a) The Heart of the Computer b) Central Processing Unit c) The hard drive d) System Software





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