1) What does IT mean? a) Interior b) Intersection c) Information Technology d) I don't know. 2) What is CD-ROM? a) Read On Memory b) Read Only Memory c) Read On Memoriam 3) What does monitor used for? a) Plays what you do on the computer. b) For play on it. c) The monitor displays the output from a computer on a screen. 4) What does RAM used for? a)  RAM is used to reads and writes to electronic chips and cards. b) RAM is used to writes to electronic chips. c) RAM is used to reads  to electronic cards. 5) What does mouse used for? a) The mouse used to feeding the cats. b) The mouse control the cursor. c) The mouse control the monitor. 6) Which equipment help to writting? a) Monitor b) Mouse c) Keyboard 7) What does CPU mean? a) CPU b) Central Processing Unit c) There is no answer. 8) What does SATA mean? a) Searial ATA. b) Serial Attraction TA. c) I don't know.





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