1) What does CPU stand for? a) Critical Processing Unit b) Combined Processing Utility c) Central Processing Unit d) Combined Personal Utility 2) Shell is... a) The outer layer of an operating system, which runs in user-space. b) The nickname of the graphics card driver. c) A program which helps you to navigate the computer. d) A feature which overclocks the processor. 3) System booting is... a) When you connect to the Internet. b) When you start a program. c) When you start your computer. d) When your computer freezes. 4) Which command cuts the designation? a) Ctrl+Alt+Del b) Ctrl+X c) Ctrl+C d) Windows Key 5) HTTP stands for... a) High Text Transform Protocol b) Hyper Texture Transform Protocol c) Hyper Text Transfer Program d) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol 6) Which of the following is NOT a programming language? a) C b) C# c) C++ d) Robin 7) Which of the following is NOT a programming language? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) a) Hack b) HSML c) Miranda d) Limbo 8) CAD stands for... a) Computer Aided Design b) Completely Automatic Designing c) Critically Augmented Designing d) Completely Automatic Digitalization





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