1) What can a visitor see at the London Transport Museum? a) 200 different trains b) 450,000 different items c) old photographs of taxis 2) When did the museum arrive in Covent Garden? a) in 1960 b) in 1980 c) in 2005 3) What is true about the London Transport Museum? a) More than 300,000 visit it every day. b) It is a three-minute walk from Charing Cross railway station. c) It is seven minutes on foot from Covent Garden tube station. 4) What does the boy say about the museum? a) It is better if you visit it on Sunday. b) It's a fun place only for train fans. c) It's better to arrive early as it gets crowded later. 5) What did the girl like most about the museum? a) learning to drive fast b) learning about the history of buses c) learning to drive an underground train





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